As a venue operator, you now have instant control over how much you offer, (without giving away 50% to the guest and 25% to the offer company). The sophisticated booking and offers engine, even lets you choose exactly how many covers you accept an offer for on any specific day or time period. You are no longer “between a rock and hard place”, having to give away all your margin to fill seats.

You can even choose who you make offers to. Why not reward your loyal clientele by making extra special offers to your best customers. If you’re looking for new customers, can send promotions out only to people who have not used you before. The choice is yours.

  1. uses a browser to receive bar & kitchen orders.
  2. Use your ipad or any PC screen.
  3. Order flow is more even, as customers can place their next drink order before they’ve run out, so avoiding queues and increase sales.
  4. Staff save time taking orders and payment details – it’s all done for them.
  5. Do instant offers and see response immediately.
  6. Tailor your marketing to what you want to offer this instant – finish that last half barrel of guest cask ale? Put it on offer.
  7. Attract new, higher spending customers
  8. Reduce errors and cash-losses


For sports clubs, stadiums and theatres, the interval or half-time rush can be dramatically eased by using bukd to get pre-orders – you can even let fans know when their order will be ready – or deliver to their seat location.

Using bukd can mean you have much greater time to prepare. You can also let customers know stocks are certain items are running down, so order now.


Using bukd enables bars to dramatically reduce the crush at the bar by enabling guest to order sooner and smooth out order flow. With no reluctance to get up and queue or thoughts of going elsewhere, as it’s too busy at the bar, using bukd will drive increased revenue.

With bukd, your customers can pre-order their drinks, before they’ve finished the last one – no queuing for them! Why not try and instant in-house special offer?


The days of giving most of your margin away to greedy operators are over! Escape the clutches of the greedy high margin operators, by switching to bukd for your takeaway orders.

With bukd, your customers have access to everything in their neighbourhood – not just takeaway, so they are more likely to use it for all their social bookings.

With bukd, you can have full service takeaway, including pick-up or delivery with offers, loyalty and specials at your fingertips. Bukd also eliminates the risk to delivery drivers from the need to carry cash, as all orders can be pre-paid.

Hotels & B&B

With bukd’s low cost service, you can clear your un-sold beds quickly with late offers.

The bukd real time booking system and offers service can enable you to gain new customers and expand your market.

For small operators, it can mean they are no longer glued to the phone, hoping to get a last minute booking.


With bukd, you can sell tickets for a specific event, show or even a meal at a restaurant. If you have a ticketing need, talk to us to see how bukd can help.


Use bukd to check on ID of customers, promote offers, build loyalty and ease entry crush, bar orders and payments. Your guests can pre-pay for entry, reducing the risk of large amounts of cash on the premises.

Make bukd your easy solution for reducing total cash use in your venue, ensuring lower cash issue. You can also easily build an on-going dialogue with your customers for special events and promotions.


When your restaurant accepts bukd, you can use the bukd table booking service to make a special offer on slow periods or simply handle all your table booking, both instantly and for all future events.

Using bukd enables live, real time bookings and quickly enables you to make instant offers, without the risk of over-booking. The clever system behind bukd even lets you offer a specific amount of offers in select date/time periods.


Taxi & Limo operators who use bukd can build a loyal customer base and escape the high charges of other taxi app operators.

For taxi drivers and operators, bukd enables a simple source of extra rides and no charge, (apart from credit card fee). Call us to find out how bukd can work for you. As guests can plan their whole night out from going out, right through to taking them home again, bukd is the ideal system to ensure you gain and retain quality customers.


Bookings looking poor this week or want to promote a new menu or offer? Use bukd offers and you can tempt people in. By using bukd offers venues are able to offer you extra special last minute deals, (or possibly special offers for their selected, loyal customers).

Pre-paid offers also mean there is no lost revenue from “no shows” – every seat in the house can be pre-sold.


Using bukd in your salon is great for boosting quiet days or periods, if your diary looks quiet for tomorrow simply put an offer up on bukd advertising a special offer for tomorrow and watch the bookings roll in. You can limit the quantity of the offers ensuring no over booking.

Bukd is used for many different businesses increasing the amount of users using bukd, consumers can use bukd to organise a whole night out, from paying for their nail appointment to ordering a takeaway & taxi at the end of the night.

Bukd will list all the local salons in the area, make sure your salon is included to reduce the risk of losing appointments. Got a new product that you’re bringing into the salon? Promote the product on bukd and ensure your launch is packed out.