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Frequently Asked Questions

When you signup the most people in your postcode, for the month, you become the bukd ambassador for that postcode.

When you place an order in a venue, you gain a buk. The user with the most buks in the 3 prior months is nominated the Ambassador for the venue.

Bukd buks are points earned towards status, rewards or prizes.

When you refer a new user, who signs up using your referral code, you get 500 buks when the user’s spending with bukd crosses £250.

If the venue does table service, your order will be brought to you. If not, you will be advised when to collect it.

You should endeavour to collect your order as soon as possible. Don’t forget, your drinks could be getting warm and your food could be getting cold!

You will get a notification on your phone. Some busy (or noisy!) venues may also have a screen showing ready orders.

You can earn bukd buks in a number of ways:

  • By referring a new user.
  • By referring a new venue.
  • By achieving certain levels of achievement in promoting bukd.

Generally, yes. The venue will require this as proof you are the person to receive the order.

All your transactions are stored in your account on bukd, which you can access at any time. In addition, an email is sent to your email account with each transaction.

There are few times when you could be reserved service. This is always at the discretion of the venue. If they felt you were intoxicated or otherwise behaving in a manner they disagreed with, as with all venues, they may refuse to continue serving you.

When you refer a new venue which signs up using your referral code, you get 5000 buks when the venue achieves £5000 in bukd sales.

Bukd will reward you for reaching certain levels of promotion:

  • Get 500 buks when you get your 10th qualifying user sign-up.
  • Get 5,000 buks when you get your 50th qualifying user sign-up.
  • Get 50,000 buks when you get your 100th qualifying user sign-up.
  • Get 5000 buks when you get your 5th qualifying venue sign-up.
  • Get 10,000 buks when you get your 10th qualifying venue sign-up.
  • Get 5,000 buks the first time you have spent £100 in 10 different venues.

Generally, there is no additional charge to the user. However, this is at the discretion of the venue. Where they do add a charge, it will be shown on your order.

You will get a confirmation on your phone from the venue. This is in the form of a 4 alpha code in block capitals – like this – GFBD

No, you don’t. When you have set up your full account, all you need to enter is your PIN.

You can use bukd as a guest to view a venue’s details, but must have a full account to place orders.

Yes. When your order is ready for collection or delivery, you will get a status update on your phone/tablet.

Currently, no.

No, unless the venue agrees to credit your order.

Bukd is a mobile and web based app that lets you book, order and pay for goods & services on your phone. As the bukd app grows, additional functionality will be added, so check you app or drop back here to keep up to date with bukd’s capabilities.

Your information enables bukd to provide any personalised services that this venue offers you as a customer. Your credit card details are needed to handle any purchases you may make.

You can use either. The venue’s WIFI may be quicker if the phone network is busy.

Sure. If you simply want to use bukd as a venue finder, just download the app. You don’t need to enter credit card information unless you are purchasing from the venue.

Sure, anyone can use bukd, so long as they are a registered user and have a smartphone. As bukd charges your credit card, the user must have permission to use the credit card attached to the account.

Certain venues may have restrictions, based on access, age, membership or other affiliations. Where bukd is available on licenced premises or elsewhere when alcohol is served, age restrictions may apply to the user.

Your personal information is stored on servers compliant with EU & USA legislation. We do not store your credit card details. These are with the PCI compliant third party that processes your account.

Bukd does not store your credit card details, either on your phone or on our servers. Instead, we use a PCI-compliant 3rd party platform for the highest levels of security. 

You are also required to enter a PIN number at the time of order.