At , we’re very excited that our app is going live and we are looking to rapidly build our team to drive forward.

What is bukd?

The app enables users to book, pre-order and pay for food drink, tickets, taxis and other services, all from one app. will be the only app you need to manage the entertainment aspect of your social life.
For venues, will be a very low cost, (freemium) product that answers their prayers. Full customer communication & management in one simple app.

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If you are passionate, have perseverance and excited about the opportunity to be in at the beginning of a start-up with massive potential, then keep reading.
None of these roles are for 9-5’ers or those of a shy disposition, as our market is the hospitality industry. Hours will be odd and often involve visiting takeaways, pubs, bars, clubs & large venues at all hours of the day and night, including weekends.
As grows and evolves, we expect a wide range of roles to be created. However, as with all start-ups, initially, we need people who can jump in to multiple roles as the need arises.
All roles will initially be on an expensed intern basis till Christmas. Once our next round of fundraising is complete, successful internees will be offered full time positions, with some key roles having share options attached.

Here are some of the roles we need filling.

District Evangelist – Locations: Nationwide

Help us put on the map, district by district. You should be reasonably local to your chosen districts and knowledgeable about the area. The role will call for a mix of both digital marketing and that “old fashioned stuff” – talking to people on the phone and face to face. So, you’ll need to have a pretty bright personality, able to quickly build rapport with venue managers and excite them so much about , they can’t wait to sign up.
The role will involve explaining and demonstrating to venues, pointing out the benefits of getting on board. You need to be a self-starter, with a persuasive manner. Someone with persistence, who doesn’t take no for an answer the first time they hear it, (nor the second or third). Your determination to get a result will undoubtedly see you land this role anyway!
Pay – £100 per week internship expenses, moving to salary – £15k-£25k

City Evangelist – Locations: Nationwide

Our City Evangelists will be pretty much like a Superhero District Evangelist. You will need to motivate and coordinate the work of a team of District Evangelists (and will probably have “been there, done that” role themselves first). This is a very key role within .
Pay – £100 per week internship expenses, moving to salary – £20k-£35k

Social Media Intern – Location: Manchester

You will need to have a good grounding in a wide range of Social Media, how to use it to the best advantage for promoting and growing the brand.
A knowledge of how to make the most of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platforms and tools will be paramount.
Pay – £100 per week internship expenses, moving to salary – £15k-£25k

Marketing Intern – Location: Manchester

You probably have a degree or some experience in marketing and can straddle the boundary between marketing and sales. This means you’re not just an airy fairy theoretical “backroom person”, you will be able to go mix it in the real world. Showing others how your marketing ideas work and putting them into practice.
Pay – £100 per week internship expenses, moving to salary – 15k-£25k

Graphic/Web design intern – Manchester

As we grow our needs to help our clients build their business grow too. You should be able to rapidly pull together a great design for a venue offer or promotion, help them build impressive micro-sites that really do pull in customers for them.
Pay – £100 per week internship expenses, moving to salary – £15k-£25k

Business Development Exec – Location: Manchester

If extensive travel is something you enjoy, targets are not just concentric circles, then be bukd’s brand ambassador and help us sell advertising on .
Key Accounts Managers will be excellent communicators, who listen to their clients’ business needs and explain product features and benefits with these needs in mind. You will be dealing with major chains & large brands that operate in or supply to the hospitality industry.
Help our catering & hospitality clients & trade suppliers to market themselves better by selling advertising space on
Effectively search prospective clients and generate sales leads. Leads could range from take-away food carts to 5 Star hotels, to beer brands to sports venues.
Advise clients on the benefits of spending their advertising budget on . Amplify the impact of marketing campaigns by distributing bukd’s marketing merchandize in the outlet
Manage the total client relationship including finding, pitching, negotiation, contracting, billing/invoicing, payment collection, graphic design support (with the help of the Graphics Team), campaign activations, result tracking and troubleshooting.
0–2 years of work experience. Relevant experience in sales is a bonus.
Excellent oral and written communication skills in English
Intelligent, enthusiastic and self-motivated individuals with staying power, comfortable with varied work role and unpredictable work hours
Pay – £100 per week internship expenses, moving to salary – £15k-£35k

Badge Maister – Location: Manchester

Build badges scheme from inception through to day to day operation. Consumers will “earn” badges by promoting, visiting and sharing venues with others.
You will have some basic graphic design capabilities with a strong understanding of what makes people strive to achieve their badges. Experience for this role could come from many directions, but an ability to understand people’s motivations, desires and how to incentivise them is key.
Pay – £100 per week internship expenses, moving to salary – £15k-£25k

Coders – Location: Manchester

If you have top notch skills in coding for IOS or Android or you are a database wizard, we need you. Outline your core skills, abilities and coding achievements to date.
Pay – £100 per week internship expenses, moving to salary – £15k-£35k

All Roles

Note: We will only accept applications from candidates fulfilling all legal requirements to live and work in the UK and other areas of the EU.
To apply for any role, please send your CV, with full details, location, experience, if you have a driving licence and if in a customer facing role, a photo in what you consider your “business” style, to dod at bukd dot co dot uk.
Also tell us in 100 words or less, why you feel you are the best person for this role and what unique idea, you would implement to build .